The Cultures Behind Fashion Trends That You Should Know


From gladiator sandals to skinny jeans into animal prints – one must wonder, what affects fashion styles? Where do all of these ideas, some of the great and some downright bizarre, come out and how can they gain as much popularity, spreading like wildfire until nearly everyone in the world who can afford it is wearing a particular product? Even if you’re not particularly fond of after fashion trends, you need to admit that there’s something to be said for a particular style of clothing that can move millions of individuals around the world to dress within it.


So what affects fashion trends? In short, fashion trends are made by people for people and also are a manifestation of human character and human pursuits. You wear something as a reflection of who you are, everything you believe in and where you come from, which means that you’re representing a certain type of fashion culture that you are either a part of or that you would like to be part of.

Three Types of Fashion Culture


If categorized simply, this is actually the more bohemian facet of style, of individualistic and special styles, such as the low-slung, baggy jeans that were primarily connected with the hip-hop scene or graffiti art on shoes related to skateboarding. The matter about subculture, however, is that it tends to become pop culture given sufficient time and attention. What influences fashion trends are the very same things that keep these exact trends continuously changing and that is something about fashion that won’t ever go out of fashion.


High Culture

The concept of high culture is the same as luxury and a sense of exclusivity. These involve things such as sculpture, painting, photography, design, literature and the like. What influences fashion trends can be seen in some specific famous fashion houses, not only in their clothing lines but in their advertising campaigns also. By way of example, Gianni Versace’s emblem is that of Medusa from Greek mythology, a stylized drawing a golden, medallion-like background, which adds an air of bold artistry to his clothing line, together with a feeling of high-end sophistication and glamorous seduction.

Pop Culture

Think that the sixties and it’s tie-dye and serenity medallions, although the seventies was all about the bell bottoms and platform shoes. This is one of the essential answers to what affects fashion trends. Pop culture is basically what the press and the media hype up every single day you flip on the TV or go online. Here is the culture of stars and famous personalities whom everybody else wishes to seem like, and of clothing created for the masses. As an example, if a popular celebrity is photographed wearing a specific coat, earnings on this coat are sure to skyrocket as certain popular celebrities are considered global style icons and role models. That is the reason why a lot of fashion labels turn into celebrities to endorse their clothes, accessories and footwear. Pop culture sells a specific lifestyle people wish to own and qualities that individuals want to own.

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